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Fishing at sunset at Ridgewood Cottages.Many visitors to the Temagami area come for the fishing and they keep coming back! Ridgewood Cottages is located on Angus Lake, just south of Temagami. Fish right from the dock at Ridgewood Cottages or rent a boat and motor or a canoe and explore the lake while you fish. Ridgewood Cottages also has boats available for rent at the portage into Jumping Cariboo Lake.

Types of Fish

Fun for the Whole Family Fishing on Angus Lake: Ridgewood Cottages, Temagami, OntarioAccording to surveys done by Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources ("MNR"), cool water fish like walleye and pike, are native to both Angus Lake and to Jumping Caribou Lake. There is a short portage into Jumping Caribou Lake directly across from Ridgewood Cottages. MNR surveys indicate the warm water smallmouth bass was introduced into Angus Lake and is native to Jumping Caribou Lake.

Catching the Fish

Fishing on Angus Lake at Ridgewood Cottages

The walleye, also known as pickerel, is a large, elongated fish. Look for the walleye under wood, rocks and weeds. They avoid the light so it is best to fish for them on overcast or cloudy days or in the evening. The MNR recommends using spinners or minnow-imitating plugs, jigs, live bait or bucktail to catch walleye.

Smallmouth Bass
The smallmouth bass is a deep-bodied, medium-sized fish. Look for the smallmouth bass in shoreline rocks, off points and in offshore shoals. Fish for smallmouth bass late in the evening or early in the morning. The MNR recommends using small deep-diving plugs and lures and surface lures to catch smallmouth bass.

Northern Pike
The Northern Pike, not to be confused with the musskelunge, is an aggressive, large, elongated fish. Look for the Northern Pike at the mouth of creeks, on shoals and in vegetated bays. While pike will take bait at anytime of the day, morning and evening activity is highest. The MNR does not recommend any particular type of bait for pike as they will take pretty much any kind.

For more information about the MNR fish surveys of Angus and Jumping Caribou Lake, check out these links:

For more information on fish species and for angling tips, visit the MNR website at:

Fish Cleaning Hut at Ridgewood Cottages
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