Ridgewood Cottages - The great outdoors with the comforts of home
Are fireworks allowed?
NO.  Fireworks are strictly prohibited on our property due to the risk of forest fires.
What appliances are available?
Each cottage comes equipped with a fridge and freezer, stove, oven, coffee maker, kettle and toaster. The stoves are propane with pilot lights so don't leave anything on top of the stove.  NEW:  Propane heaters have been replaced in cabins 4 and 5 to help take the chill off on a cool night.
Do the cottages have TVs and high speed internet?
No, we do not have TVs. Ridgewood Cottages is the place to get away from technology. Leave the stress behind and breathe in the fresh Northern Ontario air.  We recommend bringing a laptop with movies if you just can't leave it behind. Books and board games are available in the office.
Are there microwaves in the cottages?  No, there are no microwaves in the cottages.  We don't have the electrical power supply to support using them and many of our dishes are not microwave safe. 
How big is Angus Lake and do we have docking facilities?
Angus Lake is approximately 2.5 km long and .5 km wide.  We have fishing boats and 8hp motors for rent or a docking fee of $75 per week if you choose to bring your own (based on dock availability with our rental boats taking priority).
What should I bring with me for a week?
You should bring linens/bedding/sleeping bags and pillows for the beds. You should also bring drinking water, towels, toilet paper, camp chairs, flashlights, sun screen and bug spray. For fishing, bring your gear and for swimming, think about bringing flotation devices to relax in the sun on the water.
What do guests say are the most commonly forgotten items?
Guests have commented on forgetting to bring tin foil, ketchup, toilet paper, garbage bags and floaty toys.
How can I pay my deposit?
We accept Visa or Mastercard for a reservation deposit.  Deposits are not refunded upon cancellation.
Do you allow dogs?
We allow dogs but we charge a cleanup fee (extra vacuuming and sanitizing for allergens) of $10 per day per dog or $50 per week per dog. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times while outdoors.
What amenities are available in Temagami (15 minute drive from Ridgewood Cottages)?
Temagami has a grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, gas station, hardware store, LCBO/beer store and an outdoors store.
Where can I get live bait?
There is a bait store (Gramps) 2 km north of Ridgewood Cottages.
Can I bring my ATV?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your four wheelers, however we do not allow them to be driven on the property. You must trailer them out to the local trail networks.
What are your noise policies?
We have an 11 pm quiet time and due to the variety of musical tastes (including absence of music), we ask our customers not to play their music outside of their cottages or on the lake.
How long does it take to get to Ridgewood Cottages from Toronto?
It depends on traffic, but it typically takes 4 hours (straight north on hwy 400 and then north on Hwy 11). It's worth the drive to sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular sunsets.
Sunset over Angus Lake at Ridgewood Cottages, Temagami, Ontario
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